Final of the eco-education project in Pieniężno.

Date: 07/06/2024

Small hands. Big matters.

On Friday, June 7, in the Pieniężno district in Warmia, the final of the ecological education project “Small hands. Big matters.” took place. Educational activities were organized in cooperation with HG:CODE, the Pieniężno City Council, the Primary School in Lechów and the School and Kindergarten Complex in Pieniężno.

The aim of the project was to raise the awareness of the harmful impact of electronic waste and used portable batteries and accumulators on the natural environment. Learning through play, students found out about harmful substances contained in this type of waste and learned the methods of their selective collection and the ins and outs of recycling.

Education and fun – a recipe for success.

As part of the educational activities carried out in schools participating in the project, a series of educational workshops on electronic waste and used portable batteries and accumulators were organized. The students would strengthen gained knowledge by participating in variety of games, quizzes and various arts and crafts activities.

As a result 39 lapbooks were created on the correct handling of used electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. As part of the event the used batteries collection was also held and  9,300 pieces of used portable batteries and accumulators with a total weight of 175.5 kg were collected.

All students participating in the project were awarded for their pro-environmental attitude. The organizers have prepared various prizes, including speakers, power banks, headphones, football balls and eco gadgets. Two main prizes – brand new mountain bikes were also awarded for the largest amount of batteries collected and for making a lapbook. Class IV from the School and Kindergarten Complex in Pieniężno received an additional award in the form of a multimedia board for 100% class attendance of students in the project activities.

Our congratulations go to the winners and we hope that the knowledge acquired by the project participants and the correct habits instilled in them regarding the handling of electronic waste and used batteries will bring tangible benefits to the environment and, therefore, to all of us.