Authorised representative

An AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE for economic operators established outside Poland may be a natural person, an unincorporated body or a legal person established within the territory of the Republic of Poland, including an electrical and electronic equipment compliance scheme within the scope defined by the Act on WEEE. 

AURAEKO, in its capacity of an AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE of an economic operator, assumes the following obligations under the Act on WEEE:


Producers established within the territory of another EU Member State who:

  • manufacture equipment and place it on the market under their own name or trademark within the territory of that Member State, designed or manufactured for them, 
  • under their own name or trademark, resell within the territory of that Member State equipment produced by other entities, 
  • in the course of a commercial activity, whether in return for payment or free of charge, supply the equipment for distribution, consumption or use on the market of that Member State for the first time from a non-EU country or from another Member State

HAVE THE RIGHT to appoint an AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE responsible for performing within the national territory the duties set out in the Act for the entity placing the equipment on the market, with regard to the equipment placed on the market from that manufacturer.

Producers who are established within the territory of another Member State or non-EU country and sell equipment within the national territory by means of distance communication directly to private households or to users other than private households, ARE OBLIGED to appoint an AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE.