We Have Much Energy, We Shall Overcome Threats…

Date: 21/06/2023

On 21 June, we visited the School and Kindergarten Complex (ZSP) in Pieniężno in the Warmia region. The finale of the educational campaign under the slogan “We Have Much Energy, We Shall Overcome Threats…”. The project was aimed to raise public awareness of environmentally sound management of waste electrical equipment and used batteries. As part of the campaign, the following activities were carried out at the school in Pieniężno and the school in Lechów:

 – Educational workshops for students in grades 0-VIII.

 – Collection of used batteries for students in grades 0-VIII.

 – Knowledge competition for students of grades IV-VIII.

 – Art classes for students in grades 0-VIII.

 – Literary contest for students in grades IV-VIII.

Children and young people gained knowledge of environmental protection, participated in the collection of used batteries and took part in numerous competitions. Gradually, they received points that resulted in winning attractive prizes during the final on 21.06.2023. The project’s closing ceremony was held in the column hall at the ZSP in Pieniężno and was well attended by the local community, which came in large numbers to cheer on the participants. In order to ensure the widest possible outreach, the children distributed prepared information leaflets. Posters were hung on available bulletin boards throughout the municipality and banners were placed. In addition, ads for the project have been placed on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. A special website has also been prepared: Competition-21.06.2023 (nasze3city.pl) , dedicated entirely to the project. 15 prizes, such as speakers, headphones (Bluetooth) and Powerbanks, were prepared for the finals. The class prize of a double-sided magnetic chalkboard with accessories went to kindergarten pupils.

The special prize of a Rockrider mountain bike was also very popular. This award went to the participant who showed the greatest commitment to environmental activities, taking part in competitions, workshops and collecting used batteries.

Small steps, big results – together for the environment!

All in all, the educational program , which gave children and young people the opportunity to print their names and slogans using biodegradable filaments in 3D, proved to be extremely valuable. It received a positive reception from both participants and teaching staff and school management.

After completing the project, students are aware of the environmental and health risks of electro-waste and used batteries. They acquired the ability to properly manage electro-waste through segregation.

As a result, project participants have developed an attitude of concern for the environment in which they live. The project also gained the recognition of municipal and county councilors, who pledged support for future editions of the children and youth’s environmental activities. It is worth noting that the local branch of the State Forests and the Volunteer Fire Department appreciated the project and also intend to support the school environment in further dissemination of ecological knowledge.