The educational project “FOR ENVIRONMENT WE CARE – RECYCLING WASTE IS FAIR” – 2021 Edition

Date: 10/11/2021

Te awareness-raising educational project, implemented in cooperation with, continues. The project is aimed at pupils aged 6-9 from primary schools in the Kraków suburbia area. Alongside a greater awareness of the potential risks to the environment and human and animal health posed by mishandling of electrical and electronic waste, project participants will be made aware of the opportunities to recycle and reuse some pieces of equipment, and of the benefits of recovering valuable raw materials through recycling. The educational activities come in the form of theme-based meetings such as lectures, presentations, competitions, picnics and eco-alerts. Having children involved in the activities proves that it is worth educating the youngest, shaping their habits and awareness of their actual environmental footprint. Pupils happily bring this message to their homes, thus educating their siblings, parents and grandparents.