Date: 16/10/2023

Autumn cleaning in Mszczonów

On Saturday, 7 October, in the parking lot at the Municipal Office in Mszczonów, residents of the municipality had the opportunity to properly dispose of waste electrical and electronic devices and batteries. This is the second edition of the campaign organised by  AURAEKO and the Mszczonów Municipality under the slogan “Gardens and orchards we shall change – leaving electronic waste in exchange”. Despite the unfavourable weather, there were plenty of people who wanted to participate in the campaign. We collected over 4 tons of electronic waste and almost 200 kilograms of waste batteries. In exchange for waste equipment and batteries, each resident received ECO-leaves, which they exchanged for plant seedlings. It was a great opportunity to enrich gardens and orchards with new plant species. Every participant could choose from species such as buddleia, quince, hydrangea, weigela, spindle, Japanese azalea, periwinkle, thuja, boxwood, barberry, magnolia, rhododendron, and trumpet vine. Fruit-lovers could choose from various species of apple, pear, cherry and sweet cherry trees as well as fruit bushes, such as gooseberries, currants, raspberries and blueberries. Plant seedlings are an ecological “thank you” for the proper handling of waste electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries and portable storage batteries.

Environmental education outdoors

At our educational stand, challenge lovers could take part in quizzes and ecological games, and those eager for knowledge could dispel doubts related to the proper handling of waste equipment and batteries. It should be remembered that improper handling of electronic waste and waste batteries carries the risk of releasing dangerous substances that easily penetrate the soil, air and groundwater, polluting the natural environment and posing a threat to human and animal health. Obviously, it should be borne in mind that such substances are not hazardous when devices are used properly, however, they pose a threat if waste equipment and batteries are managed improperly. Therefore, it is so important to recycle electronic waste instead of taking it to the garbage dump or to the forest. It must not be thrown into regular garbage can, it must be collected selectively. Often times, we don’t realise that getting rid of unnecessary devices from our home in a proper way is really simple.

What can we do with electronic waste?

Take it to the selective municipal waste collection point (PSZOK).

If you purchase new equipment, you have the right to return waste equipment of the same type free of charge at the place of delivery (1:1, i.e. old for new, fridge for fridge, TV set for TV set, etc.).

Leave small waste equipment in a large electronics store without having to buy a new one, provided that none of its dimensions exceeds 25 cm.

Leave the equipment left for repair at a service point free of charge if its repair is impossible or would cost too much.

Take it to your local electronic waste collection.