Final of the educational campaign in Pruszków kindergartens

Date: 11/06/2024

Children protect the environment. The child-friendly environment.

Another edition of the educational campaign “Children protect the environment. The child-friendly environment” conducted in Pruszków kindergartens came to an end. The theme of the campaign organized in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Protection of the Pruszków City Hall was the proper handling of electro-waste and used portable batteries and accumulators. The project included a competitive collection of used portable batteries and accumulators, which ended on 10 May 2024. Participating kindergartens collected a total of 6,066 kg of used batteries and portable accumulators. Per kindergarten student this year there were as many as 3.11 kg of batteries collected. Beautiful figures!

Results of the competition

The ceremonial finale, which was attended by the Mayor of Pruszków, Mr. Piotr Bąk, and the Deputy Mayor of Pruszków, Mr. Michał Landowski, took place on 11 June at the Municipal Kindergarten No. 13. Traditionally , the event was accompanied by a performance by kindergarten children from Municipal Kindergarten No. 13, after which the contest was settled and prizes were handed out:

1st place:          Municipal Kindergarten No 11

2nd place:        Municipal Kindergarten No 13

3rd place:         Municipal Kindergarten No 2

4th place:         Municipal Kindergarten No 7

5th place:         Municipal Kindergarten No 14

6th place:         Municipal Kindergarten No 15

7th Place:         Municipal Kindergarten No 16

8th place:         Municipal Integrated Kindergarten nr 5

9th place:         Municipal Kindergarten No 1

10th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 6

11th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 12

12th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 8

13th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 3

14th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 10

15th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 9

16th place:       Municipal Kindergarten No 4

The kindergartens that won places 1 through 3 received prizes donated by AURAEKO. Other prizes were funded by the Pruszków City Hall. We congratulate the winners and already encourage Pruszków kindergartens to participate in the next edition of our competition. We all know very well that environmental education of the younger generation is crucial for our common future. If children grow up aware of their impact on the environment and the dangers of mishandling waste, especially waste such as electro-waste and used batteries, we can rest assured about the fate of our planet.